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i kickstart my big-inch knucklehead

and ride away from the crime scene

the wicked "Matt McNasty"
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1950s, 50's, 69, acetylene, air bags, american bikes, american iron, anger, arc, arlen ness, art, attitude, avon, backstreet choppers, baker, baldies, big bear choppers, blades, bodywork, britney spears, buick, cadillacs, california, car kulture deluxe magazine, car shows, carson tops, cfl, channeling, chevy, chop tops, chopper bikes, chopping, classic cars, custom paint, customizing, death, deuce coupes, dragracing, drawing, dunlop, easyrider, easyriders, ed roth, engines, exhaust, fabrication, fender skirts, fiestas, fifties culture, flames, flamethrowers, flat black, flatheads, ford, frenching, fuck tommorow, fuzzy dice, gasoline alley, george barris, glasspacks, hank young, hardcore choppers, harley, harley davidson, headers, headlights, hells angels, hemi, hogs, horsepower, indian motorcycles, jesse james, jimmy shine, kaiser, kickstarts, knuckleheads, kustom kulture, kustoms, lakepipes, lbc, led sleds, lincon, local choppers, long beach, lowbrow, lowbrow art, lowriders, mercury, metalwork, mig, mike hines, mooneyes, nash, neil young, oldsmobile, oxyacetylene, oxygen, packard, panheads, pin ups, pinstriping, pistons, pontiac, primer, pro mods, psychobilly, racing, rallies, rambler, rat bikes, rat fink, rat rods, rigids, rockabilly, s&s, sectioning, shovelheads, so-cal, so-cal garage, so-cal speedshop, soft tails, springers, steel, stick welding, straight pipes, street chopper, streetrods, stromberg 97's, sturgis, t-buckets, tail draggers, taillights, the horse magazine, tig, top fuel, torch, v8s, von dutch, wcc, welding, whips, whitewalls